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Institut für Philosophie und Leadership


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The Company's High Quality Approach is reflected in its strategically developed Corporate Design

Started as a scientific institute of the Jesuit College of Philosophy in Munich, after ten years, the Institute for Philosophy and Leadership needed its own independent identity that reflects the entity in an appropriate way. The institute supports people in leadership positions, trains young high potentials and foster students. It offers them techniques from philosophy, humanistic psychology and the spirituality of the Jesuit order to remain self-confident, self-determined and inwardly free in the face of all external job pressures.
The logo (figurative mark) is the visualized quintessence: the enlightening knowledge of leading with wisdom and inner strength. Soft gray tones are complemented by a pinkish red that stands for enlightenment and modern methodology. The accent color of bronze underscores the claim to excellence as well as Jesuit tradition. Together with the chosen typography, the core elements of the company's positioning are visually reinforced. The choice of typography - the combination of a serif and a sans serif typeface - conveys claim, clearness and strength. Since the content of the company's offering must be conveyed primarily textually, the two contrasting typefaces play with color and spelling to lend structure and vibrancy to the sometimes long texts.The corporate design is applied stringently to every communication tool, creating a recognizable and confidence-inspiring corporate presence at all brand touch points. The project was realized with the involvement of specialized colleagues during the various phases.